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Database Solutions

NSquare Creative database solutions help keep your data available and scalable while pinpointing
the root cause of performance issues.

Every Application Is A Database Application

NSquare Creative is building a vision for full-stack observability of your databases, connected apps, and infrastructure to connect performance monitoring and root-cause analysis to your business success.

Easily Scale Your Database Architectures​

Master your data environment with DataOps solutions designed to streamline essential database tasks, data projects, and data-centric application development.

Optimize Performance​

Help ensure applications are performing optimally with application performance management built to provide insights you can proactively address.

Manage Your Data Across Database Types​

With database software built for modern architectures, SolarWinds offers solutions for many leading relational, traditional, open-source, and cloud-native databases—including AWS and Azure.

Monitor Your Data Wherever It Lives​

Migrating to the cloud or staying on-premises? NSquare Creative supports your cloud migration with options in the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid environments.

Complete Data Insights

You need more from your database software solution than an alert telling you something is wrong. With Nsqaure Creative, you can monitor your entire database architecture and drill into the root cause of poorly performing queries.

De-Risk Your Cloud Migration

Database cloud migration is here. Some organizations are migrating in wholesale fashion; many are migrating one database at a time. Because data underpins every application across your business, the benefits associated with successful cloud migration can transform your organization. NSquare Creative software gives you tools to benchmark performance on-premises and help you measure it once those workloads are in the cloud.

Understand Open-Source Database Health​

Understand database health by continuously monitoring database performance, and gain insight into detailed day-to-day performance metrics down to the second.

Connect Microsoft Azure Synapse ​

Learn how NSquare Creative SQL Sentry monitors performance for Azure Synapse SQL Pools.

Observe Databases In VMware

Identify databases running in virtual machines and correlate database to VM performance.

Related Solutions

NSquare Creative solutions are designed to help you understand your environment at a glance while providing actionable insights to keep you ahead of the game.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring can be complex without the right solution.

IT Security

Let us help you navigate the landscape with IT security solutions you can trust.

Hybrid Cloud Observability​

Go from reactive to proactive with a full-stack solution across on-premises and multi-cloud environments.

Diagnostics For SQL Server

Use licensed software or software as a service (SaaS) to observe important database metrics.

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